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  Gizmo Condition Monitoring - Complete Temperature and Vibration Monitoring Solution.  
  GizmoCM is a GUI application for monitoring, collecting, and storing temperature and vibration data from industrial equipment.  The two main indicators of failure in bearings and other industrial equipment is temperature and vibration.  By monitoring these indicators and trending them over time you can see changes and take action before failure occurs. And possibly see other interesting information never seen before.  

- Easy installation.  Just download and unpack to directories
- Read and log temperature and vibration data
- Graph data and trend it using collected data
- Set high alarm levels receive e-mails/text messages if in alarm state
- Write temperature data to AB PLC 5, PLC 500, PLC 5000
- Historical data views and graphs, store and view years of data
- Easy to use Web User interface, Remote viewing and control
- Overview screen to quickly identify problem areas
  This complete package gives the user an easy to use interface, temperature and vibration logging, graphing, historical views, and alarm e-mail/text messages.  The interface allows the user to name each sensor and give it a alarm set level.  The user can then define things like e-mail settings, where the data should output, setup sensors, run the monitoring scripts and view data logs.  There are also modules for controlling the scan time, starting and stopping GizmoCM tasks, viewing historical data, database maintenance and more.  The program will automatically use up to 10 temperature sensors and 4 vibration sensors.

GizmoCM uses 1-wire temperature sensors to collect temperature data, and 3 axis accelerometers to collect vibration data.  All use serial communication so the setup is easy.   All temperature sensors tie back to 1 serial port using a 1-wire to serial adapter.  Each vibration sensor needs it own line and serial port.

This is a proven system that has been functioning in plant sites for years.  For more information Contact Us.

    Screen Shots:  

  GizmoCM main dashboard screen.  

Historical view showing trend data


  Editing main system settings  

Setting up temperature sensors


Compatible Temp Adapters:  Dallas DS9097U-SO9 (--or--)  ibuttonlink LINK45
Compatible Temp Sensors:  DS1820, DS18B20, DS18S20, DS2438-temp only
Compatible Vib Sensors:  SparkFun SEN-00248

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