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  ReaderBoard is a PHP application to display alternating messages on large screen televisions or monitors.  It can handle an infinite number of messages, messages can be configured, enabled and disabled from the admin page.  It consists of an admin page for configuration, and a display page to display on reader board monitor.   

Reader Board Display Messages Cheap

> Easy installation.  Just download and unpack to directories
> Create custom messages with title and 2 lines of text
> Very simple code, easily customizable.
> Change display times / messages / and more from admin page
> Can have many messages, display only enabled ones.
> Single server can have multiple installs, feed several displays
  Reader boards are expensive, and these days large screen televisions and monitors are cheap.  By using a cheap computer, and a cheap flat screen tv, you can create a simple reader board to display rotating messages.  Could be used in stores, display windows, industrial plant floors, break rooms, ect....  Can use single server with multiple installs that feed several remote displays.  Can configure message display times, number of messages, enable and disable each message.   
  The basic, downloadable version will do preconfigured messages stored in its configuration.  If you are interested in ReaderBoard that can communicate with industrial plant floor plc's/computers and display live data, please contact us.  ReaderBoard can be configured to connect and display plant floor data in real time.  
    Screen Shots:  
  Reader Board Admin Control  

Reader Board Display

  ReaderBoard Admin Screen.  

ReaderBoard Display Screen

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