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  New System Warranty  

Hardware:    1 Year parts / labor

All New systems have a 100% hardware warranty for 1 Year from the purchase date.   This means any hardware fault due to failure will be covered 100% by Gizmo with no charge to the customer during the warranty period.  This covers all components received at the time of sale and includes labor.  Gizmo Computers is not responsible for data loss, downtime or other damages beyond the covered equipment.  Our systems are made of quality components, are fully tested and have an excellent track record.  But please, take care of your data and back up often.


We will work with you for the first few weeks to make sure you are fully satisfied with your machine.  Beyond that there is no warranty on software.  There are too many things people can do to software or system installations that are beyond our control.  In the event of a software issue you will be charged the standard shop fee of $35.00 an hour.  We are usually quite fast and will charge fairly in any situation.  We donít like outrageously charging to our customers.  Please note that many issues can be resolved over the phone,  and we do not charge for phone support.


We currently have over 195 systems deployed in the northwest.  These systems range from Home desktop computers to full blown servers and even embedded monitoring devices.  We concentrate on giving customers a cost effective stable computing experience through the use of high quality hardware, open source technology and rock solid knowledge and support. We remain steadfast and dedicated to treat each customer with one-on-one personal service.

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