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  Industrial Web Reporting  
  Custom Web Reporting - Industrial Plant floor data collection and live online reporting and control.  
  Using a Linux/Apache server and our custom web applications, we can interact directly with the plant floor bringing data that was once trapped in the controls world to an easily accessible web based reporting solution.  Access live production data and machine status anywhere in your company from any computer with a web browser.  Very cost effective solution,  no special hardware needed.

This type of Application is perfect for making the plant floor and run time data transparent to Management, Maintenance and Operators.  Track downtime, alarms, and other data.  Make production decisions based on live data.  Technicians can receive e-mails or text messages when equipment fails.   Don't wait until the end of shift for data,  view it live, as it happens. This kind of access to critical machine data gives managers real-time intelligence to optimize production control and coordination.

This is a proven system that has been functioning in plant sites for years.  See our system in action below.

  What it Does
# Live, real time production and machine center data.
# Receive e-mail notifications based on production, machine status, ect.
# Accessible live data anywhere on your network from any web browser.
# Real time data, updates every time the page is refreshed.
# Give maintenance personnel up to the minute info on key indicators, avoid possible downtime.
# Make changes to PLC settings, start and stop plc controlled devices from secure web interfaces.
# Keep your controls network secure with Linux gateway, One connection to the outside world.
# Linux powered, Secure, Stable. We have systems out there with over 2 years uptime.
# Communicate with Allen Bradley PLC 5, PLC 500, PLC 5000 processors.

What it Takes
# A computer or server running Linux.
# Ethernet ready plc, and or plc network
# Our Application and Web design.
  Are you ready for an integrated, cost effective solution for plant floor transparency, reporting, and live data accusation. We can build a site to fit your plants needs.  For more information Contact Us.  
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Live Online Plant Floor Production Data

Live Online Production Stats

Graphical Views Of Machine Status

Graphical Views Of Site Machine Status

Online Camera Views - Site Integration

Online Camera Views


Web Available Reports


Web available Reports

Online Temperature and Vibration Monitoring

Online Temperature Data

Web Based PLC Plant Floor Control

Web Based PLC control

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